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Qingdao Fuchang Stainless Steel Container Co., Ltd. is a joint venture registered in Hi-tech industrial park of Qingdao , with the taking area of 9600 sq.m, and the workshop area of 4500 sq.m. The company is located in beautiful tourist resort, adjacent to universities zone, mountain and sea.

The company is a manufacturer specializing in stainless steel container and stainless pipe equipment. Our products include: full-stainless beer preserving turn barrel, ABS high intensity plastic shell stainless steel liner beer preserving barrel, electric water heater full-stainless liner, heating power pipe, expansion joint for water pipe stainless steel, expansion joint special for train pipe. We can process equipment & container special for stainless steel industry, scientific research test container equipment, and the process and installation of other stainless equipment. In research and development of stainless steel beer preserving barrel, the company chooses superior stainless board to manufacture all kinds of draft beer barrel by unique manufacturing technique and advanced technology, which was awarded national patent, and was appraised as the home leading product by expert team. In order to adapt the requirement of draft beer market, the company takes the demand as guide and quality as assurance to provide all-round fore-sale after-sale service for beer manufacturers.

The company takes technical progress as driving force to establish perfect quality system and to implement strict quality management, and strives for top products and top credit.