What is the anti-corrosion coating for stainless steel medicine barrels?

The inner wall of the medicine bag barrel should be coated with a solvent-free anti-corrosion coating. The practical application shows that the coating has no influence on the quality of medicines, good anti-corrosion effect, hygienic, excellent physical and chemical properties, strong adhesion and long service life. The painted surface is smooth and easy to clean, similar to enamel. It can be cured at room temperature and ready to use after a week of coating, or it can be cured with heat. The medicine bag coating has excellent water resistance, alcohol resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance, oxidation resistance, medium resistance and temperature difference resistance.

The stable and lasting medicine barrel project is a major issue related to the national economy and people's livelihood. The raw materials of medicine packaging barrels mainly include metal and non-metal. The metal is mainly carbon steel, and the non-metallic materials are mainly cement mortar, concrete, ceramics, coatings, FRP, acid-resistant bricks, etc.

The traditional porcelain tank and porcelain tank have small capacity and low production capacity; after the cement tank is used, the production capacity is improved, but the durability is poor, and it generally fails in 2 to 3 years; the corrosion resistance of FRP or acid-resistant bricks is improved, But the service life is only about 5 years; the corrosion resistance is good, but the price is expensive, which is not conducive to promotion.

The inner wall of the medicine bag barrel is epoxy resin sprayed on the carbon steel or cement surface. The utility model has good durability, low cost, meets the hygienic requirements of medicines, and does not cause adverse effects on medicines. This is a shortcut for the industry to expand production capacity and reduce investment costs.

Without preservative treatment, its inner walls will corrode, contaminating drinking water or beverages. Not only will this have adverse effects, but more seriously, if people drink contaminated water or beverages, it will endanger their physical and mental health.

Therefore, the inner wall of the medicine packaging barrel is often coated with acid-resistant, oil-resistant and alkali-resistant anti-corrosion coatings to ensure that the medicines meet the hygienic standards.

At present, epoxy resin coatings are mainly used for the inner wall coating of medicine bag barrels, and the combination of primer and topcoat is adopted. Most of these coatings use solvents. With the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the use of solvent-based coatings is gradually restricted.

The isolator used in the diaphragm tester can isolate the measured medium from the instrument through the isolation diaphragm, so as to measure the pressure of the medium with strong corrosiveness, high temperature and easy crystallization.

The diaphragm sensing element is a circular diaphragm with corrugations. The diaphragm itself is located between the two flanges. When welding, it can be welded on the flange, or its edge can be sandwiched between the flanges. One side of the diaphragm is subjected to the pressure of the measured medium. In this way, the small bending deformation produced by the diaphragm can be used to indirectly measure the pressure of the medium. An indicator light indicates pressure. The force transmitted by the diaphragm is much greater than that of the Bourdon tube. Because the diaphragm is fixed to the edge, it has better shock resistance. Diaphragm pressure gauges can achieve very high overpressures.

The protective film can also cover the protective layer to enhance corrosion resistance. Diaphragm meter adopts measurement methods such as open flange, water washing method, pore size, etc., which can measure the high viscosity, dirt and crystallization of the medium. The pressure range of the diaphragm pressure gauge is 1600 PA 2.5MPa. The sensitive elements of the diaphragm box are connected by two diaphragms of circular cross-section. The pressure of the measured medium acts and deforms in the sealed cavity, which can be used to indirectly measure the pressure of the medium. Use the pointer to display the pressure value. Bellows pressure gauges are usually used to measure the micro pressure of gas with a certain degree of overpressure protection.

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