What is the surface treatment method for large plastic chemical barrels?

In our life, we inevitably come into contact with plastic products. In particular, plastic chemical barrels are widely used because they hold the liquids and other substances that we need to transport very well.

We know that there are many raw materials that can be used to make materials that preserve things. Why most people use plastic chemical barrels, because it is not easy to be damaged when used, the material is light, and it is easy to store.

Plastic chemical barrels can be used for a long time, but they have a shelf life. If they are not properly protected, their lifespan can be shortened.

First of all, if we find that the plastic chemical barrel changes color when we use it, we must replace it in time. Secondly, in order to prolong the use time, the plastic chemical barrel should be placed on the ventilation, not in a humid place, and not in direct sunlight.

Plastic chemical barrels will undergo thermal expansion and contraction during use, so in order to reduce the damage to the barrels, do not use them in very cold or very hot environments.

When using plastic buckets, due to improper storage or weather, aging and corrosion of the buckets are likely to occur, so pay attention when using them, so as to prolong the use time. Next, the editor will explain how to extend the use time of this plastic chemical barrel.

First, it should be noted that the material in the barrel needs to be non-corrosive, so that the aging speed of the barrel can be slower. Some barrels have strong corrosion resistance, so you should distinguish when you put things. Even if you put things wrongly, the aging speed of the barrels will be different. Because there are also dangerous substances such as petroleum or drugs with strong acid and alkali corrosion, it is necessary to choose a suitable barrel, so as to facilitate the use of the barrel. Second, it is also necessary to use materials with better raw materials to manufacture. This will make it stronger and last longer.

For some large plastic chemical barrels, it generally takes more time and energy to design and produce than small plastic chemical barrels. Do you know the surface treatment method? The following editor will take you to find out.

1. Plasma treatment

This method is to use a large plastic chemical barrel of plasma discharge, the treatment time is short, and polar groups are introduced during the treatment process, and the surface adhesion ability is durable after treatment.

2, the treatment method of surfactant

Use negative ions, non-ions, surfactants, etc. to treat the surface to remove inorganic substances, making the surface smoother and less dusty

3. Chemical treatment method

Like the plasma treatment method, polar groups are introduced, but this is a method of treating the surface of large plastic buckets with an aqueous solution of chemicals, but with a negative impact on the environment.

The above are several ways to deal with the surface of large plastic chemical barrels, I hope to help you.


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