Cleaning and precautions for plastic chemical barrels

In our daily life, plastic chemical barrels are everywhere, especially all kinds of chemical raw materials are stored in chemical barrels. Plastics are light in weight, not easy to corrode, and have strong elasticity. However, some friends are not familiar with saving and placing. Below, I will briefly explain this to you.

1. Correct maintenance and cleaning of plastic buckets

When placing plastic chemical barrels, please do not expose it to sunlight. Plastic chemical barrels usually experience temperature changes when exposed to light, because it can be considered as heating, and the increase in temperature will accelerate the diffusion of oxygen, resulting in oxidation. Speed ​​increases, causing martyrs and rifts. Plastic chemical barrels come into contact with oxygen and even ozone in the air. Excessive binder or molecular chain breakage will accelerate aging. There are other factors such as water, high energy radiation, medium with water.

Therefore, when using plastic chemical barrels every day, please try not to expose the 25-liter plastic barrel to the sun. The chemical reactions that take place in sunlight are caused by a variety of factors. For example, as a food plastic bucket, it will encounter some oil stains, and the chemical properties of the oil and ingredients are different. If there is no free time for a long time, then we need to find a way to clean the food plastic bucket.

To wash food with plastic, you can prepare a mixture of millet, detergent, and warm water, and shake the plastic bucket vigorously before washing. If it's not for food, you can also use salt and detergent instead.

Plastic buckets are blow-molded using scientific formulas. They reach the packaging index in terms of multiple colors, beautiful appearance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-leakage, non-fading, non-deformation, and are ideal for long-distance product packaging materials, transportation.

2. Matters needing attention when using plastic chemical barrels in daily life

Whether in life or in industry, plastic chemical barrels can be seen everywhere. Some users may have issues. Using chemical barrels is very simple. In fact, although the use of chemical plastic buckets is very simple, it does not cause problems or damage when used. There are still certain precautions.

1. Temperature problem

Generally speaking, plastic chemical barrels are made of PVC. At higher temperatures, such as about 50 degrees, the gas will slowly decompose. This gas is harmful to the human body. Therefore, plastic buckets made of PVC cannot be used. Products include food and drinking water. In addition, plastic chemical barrels made of any material cannot be used at too high or too low temperatures to prevent deformation, etc.

2. Weight problem

Has a certain range of load-bearing capacity. If the storage is too heavy, it will be brittle and deformed.

3. Recycling issues

It is recyclable itself, which can save some money. However, please note that recycled plastic chemical drum products are for industrial use only and are not allowed as food packaging.


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